Strength and conditioning

Strength and conditioning for football teams.

This includes pre-season training as well training during competitive period. The main importance for me is to determine the exercises most relevant to the qualities necessary in real game. Such qualities as Change of Direction abilities or endurance have specificity for Football, thus demanding special exercise and conditions (see article). No less important is the incorporation of strength and conditioning exercises into technical-tactical training. This is allows to make strength and conditioning preparation more relevant to the real game and to save training time.

All age groups starting from U-10.

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Individual Strength and Conditioning Training

Slalom Agility Dog Jack Russell

This service is for competitive athletes in individual or team sports.

Having an individual approach helps to identify weaknesses in your physical conditions and makes training interventions more precise. I can say that one-to-one training becomes a norm at a good level in contemporary Sport. In addition to physical preparation, an important benefit from individual work is a possibility to implement new ideas from the Sport Psychology for achieving greater results.

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