About me

in the cornerPeter Joffe

MSc in Sport Science (University of Exeter), BSc in Football Coaching (Saint Petersburg State University of Physical Culture and Sport), Kick-boxing coach 1-st category, Level 3 Personal Trainer, Professional member of National Strength and Conditioning Association.

I started practising sport at the age of 7, when I enrolled in a football academy in Russia. After ten years of a successful junior career, I made a choice in favor of education, rather than becoming a professional footballer, and received my four year Degree in Football Coaching from the famous University of Physical Culture and Sport in Saint Petersburg. Since then, I have been working as a coach as well as a strength and conditioning specialist in different sports: football, boxing, kick-boxing, tennis and even sky-diving. Among my students are Russians, Europeans and World champions.

My training “geography” includes Russia, England and Spain. As a Sport Scientist, I am interested mainly in Sports Physiology and the fields of Sports Psychology connected with the Visual Motor Reaction, Performance under Stress, Decision Making, and Learning processes. Subjects necessary for Personal Training and Coaching, such as Nutrition, Injury Prevention, and Performance Analysis share my time and attention as well.

What is the aim for this site?

I created this site for several reasons.

The first is systematising my knowledge on problems, which I am writing about. Sometimes, you have a lot of information, but the information feels chaotic. Writing forces you to put things in order and to give your opinion on a topic, supported by the scientific evidence, or your own experience. Of course, these are my current views, and maybe they will change. But as for today, I am thinking and working this way.

The second aim is to invite other opinions and to maybe even start a discussion. Sometimes, following a discussion is more interesting than the initial article itself, and it definitely enriches our knowledge. So, scientists, coaches and fitness enthusiasts, please welcome!

Finally, the third reason is to give people some general understanding about me, my views and ideas, before they decide whether or not it is worth starting communication.

Thank you